legitimate rape
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If men are capable of figuring out that James Bond movies are not real life, they should be damn well capable of telling the difference between fictional coercive fun-times sex and real-life coercive assault.
Everybody's favorite TV shrink sparked a mini-uproar after asking his Twitter followers whether it's OK to have sex with a drunk girl (collective answer: NO).
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We purposefully waited until after the election to tackle one of the most heated political blunders of all time.
Who wants to punch a ballot for the guy who thinks rape is comparable to having a child out of wedlock?
I don’t know their names but I do know this: Many, many of the other 31,999 women who get pregnant from rape each year are married to their rapists.
gang rape
The case was so outrageous that women’s groups across the country protested, supported local organizations trying to unseat her, and seethed in fury when she was ultimately retained.
“Forcible rape” excludes a host of sexual violations which, despite conservative beliefs, really are rape. And, oddly enough, being told that what you experienced wasn’t “really” rape tends to have a detrimental impact on victims and survivors.