So, I went to a knitting convention this weekend. It was pretty awesome.
Keeping my hands occupied improves my focus greatly; with a simple enough project, I can watch movies with my full attention, never looking down at the needles.

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arm knitting
I am the world’s worst crafter, but even I was able to arm knit a scarf.

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Privately, I wrestled with my own competing desires; I longed for a simple affair that wouldn’t threaten my notions of my own sexuality, the bedrock of my identity. Instead, things felt complicated.
I work at Seagull Salon on the weekends. Johanna Fateman, one of my favorite feminists, is my boss. But it all started with “Bruise Violet” by Babes in Toyland.
15.) Occasionally touch the skin on your eyelids. Feel that? That's what balls used to feel like.
How do you expect to brag like a jerk about how much work you put into your holiday gifts if you don't start crafting them NOW?!
I’m going to go buy some new yarn as an incentive to get back on the knitting horse, and to spend some time, uh, unwinding.

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