kim kardashian
If left untreated, preeclampsia can escalate quickly into eclampsia, which causes seizures, and can take the life of the mama and the baby.
I’d heard rumours that lasers near the womb could damage what it takes to reproduce, and my boss, who had laser hair removal on her clunge ten years ago, told me she’d had to bite down on a belt to help the pain.
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The whole sad affair got me to thinking about all the sorry clowns out there who could potentially throw a bitter wrench all up in my flow.
The statement, "Oh I didn't even notice you were black. I don't see color," has been said to me on countless occasions. It’s patronizing and insulting.
kim kardashian
Now that Kim is with child, the blaring, critical headlines about her body have reached a nauseating fever pitch.
kim kardashian
Kim's earnestly expressed desire to meet someone and have kids, her drive to do the most work she can, her quickness to tears of joy, sorrow, or frustration -- we could be twins were it not for my short hair and the complete lack of Armenian blood coursing through my stocky, English peasant veins.
My ex was a disaster, and together we were a disaster, but for me, the divorce, not the marriage, is the real disaster. It always is.
Last time I checked, there were worse things a girl could do than court fame and money.