Working for these particular feminists even made me nostalgic for the housekeeping job where I was sexually harassed by a house boy for the entire summer.

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Erica Jong recently commented on the phenomenon of not paying writers for content, which she seems to think is getting worse. "Authors are blogging everywhere for free,” she said, “and it’s not a good development. They are starving.”

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I’m not a rising superstar in my company because I haven’t been given that opportunity: I am a woman.

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According to a Forbes columnist, that glass ceiling would just up and disappear if only women's FEELINGS weren't getting in the way!
According to HuffPo, 79% of Americans eat lunch at their desks. I'm guessing it's because, like me, they're all desperate to please people who probably couldn't care less where we ate.

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I'm a textbook extrovert, but when I meet new people -- particularly at the office -- it's like my brain resets and I go into hyper flirtatious mode.
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