I looked down at my cell phone: 8:11pm. We met at 8pm. Time flies when you’re having no fun at all.
I am seriously regretting that I didn't at least tell these folks to lower their voices. Their sizeist, racist, classist, awful people voices.
it happened to me
I am far from perfect, but a bad dog owner I AM NOT and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise.
Hey loser, my friend doesn't normally open her heart to many guys -- and then you dumped her after getting exactly what you wanted. I HATE YOU.

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After years of being totally obsessed with this famous writer, he finally took notice of me, and we actually began dating. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out that he wasn't that great of a guy.
The reality of the internet is that people are going to steal your photos to jizz all over them.
He told me I was attractive more times than any dude I'd ever met. It was flattering ... in the beginning.
A blogger in Oklahoma City recently lost her job for calling a cheerleader "chunky" in a post. Meanwhile, an ESPN reporter declares newly out NBA player Jason Collins to be an "open rebellion to God" as a gay man.

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Sometimes it's better to just keep it to yourself.

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You know how your skull doesn't completely ossify until you're 25? Maybe being a teenager is like being temporarily insane, kidnapped by the SLA of your pituitary gland.