I wanted my friend to be successful, but I wanted her to struggle, just a little.
I pretended it didn’t bother me that he was traveling around the country on a national book tour while I sat home, proofing press releases and posting his TV and radio links on Facebook.
you are the advice columnist
I really don't know what to do and now I constantly feel unsafe both at my workplace and at my home.
In 17-odd years, the ways we tear down women in power haven't changed a whole lot. Goody.
Apparently lots of people are insecure jerkwads who try to foil their friends' attempts to lose weight. Why am I not surprised by this?
Instead of letting jealousy overrun you until you’re interpreting your co-worker’s newfound power as an evil ploy to turn the office against you and abolish casual Fridays, try turning this notoriously negative beast of an emotion into positive fuel.
boyfriend tracker
Sure, I've been curious about what a dude's been up to ... but a tracking app? I wouldn't go there.
I never thought of myself as a competitive person, until I realized I was constantly comparing myself to the women around me -- and coming up short.
Growing up as an only child, there was absolutely nothing I wanted more than that warm, cozy relationship my friends with sisters seemed to have. It wasn't until I was older that I realized it was mainly a fantasy.
And does this brutal emotion even have a purpose?
social media
I have actual physical reactions when I see my Instagram crush wear a new bold lip color, pose in a dark bar with a craft cocktail, or lazily lounge with her adorable husband and puppy in their adorable apartment.
Couples caught up in the passionate throes of jealousy make me wonder if their love is more real than any I’ve ever had, or ever will.
Step 1: identify it; Step 2: isolate it; Step 3: learn from it; Step 4: attack it with a BAZOOKA; Step 5: drink gin, dance around the house in your pants.

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It's not you, lady who has sex with her husband every day, it's me!
being a jerk
Women are socialized to value relationships over accomplishments. So when should you respond to your inner ambitious freak?
If you had asked me in 2008 who would be end up being the famous one in the 12 -person screenwriting workshop I was enrolled in, I would have said "me."
I mean, really, what’s wrong with a woman saying I’m hot shit and I know it?
Only we can prevent girl-on-girl crime!