She was precocious, sassy, funny. Now, seven years later, she was calling me from jail.

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It made perfect sense to break into his house for Valentine's Day. No, seriously. It did. I am a mentally stable-ish person and thought it was completely reasonable and romantic.
Resolve wouldn’t break us out, but we had something. It was hope, however nebulous and slippery. It was each other. It was their needles always moving, my pen always scraping across the page.

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What I didn’t know then was that 23 years later, Norman’s actions would lead me to a felony charge, a prison sentence and a lifetime of paying off debt. Let mine be the cautionary tale that keeps you from making the same mistakes.
family drama
They blamed me for tearing the family apart by calling 911 that night in August.
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Sometimes I think of how life would be if that day in September were just a horrible nightmare, and you know what? I don't want that life.
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Many incidents of kids and young adults arrested in Lebanon due to their dark dress and musical tastes pop up everywhere. It really is a crackdown on alternative lifestyles which is pretty archaic.
The worst thing about my very short time in jail? Honestly? Chapped lips.

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drunk driving
I didn't think twice about the fact that I had downed a couple of beers until I saw the cherries spinning behind me on the Interstate.
bipolar disorder
The circumstances were unclear. He'd been at a friend's house -- an older woman we didn't know -- and he'd been drinking, and someone had called the police, and now he was in jail.