breast cancer
Today, a guy wrote me a lovely email. He used excellent grammar, and I liked his photos. I replied kindly with equally good grammar.
Living in that veggie farmhouse commune and cat compound was perhaps more isolating than other living spaces I’d encountered.
Or how my husband had sex with a stripper the night before our wedding and I married him anyway.
past lives
Upon first meeting him, I didn't trust him. He had an incredibly creepy vibe which only increased as he tried to get me alone with him. I instantly knew that I didn't want this man to be screwing around in my subconscious.
nude modeling
When my best friend described her life-drawing class, I was amazed to hear that there was a place where not only did all the usual beauty standards not matter, but that the opposites were actually coveted.
I wouldn’t trade that period in my life for anything, though. It was the worst time ever but I’m stronger having gone through it. The day I stopped believing was 12 days before I tried to kill myself.
high school drop out
To everyone’s chagrin, I was so depressed and physically ill that I chose to drop out.
Dismantling rape culture means holding people responsible for their actions -- even people you love.
I opened the door to the garage. My son and I both saw him hanging there.
Getting drugged and overpowered changes the way you look at the world. I see threats everywhere.
the daily dot
I saw the tweet last Sunday, while I was scrolling through my timeline right after I got out of the shower. I immediately screamed “WHAT" and sat on the bed in a towel for a good hour.
Men aren’t supposed to feel fat -- you just go work out and run and diet properly and fix it. Studies show that most men with anorexia don’t ever seek help because it’s seen as a “women’s disease.”
My entire life, I’ve been taught to be ashamed of my body. Well, I’m not.
drug abuse
No one thought we should be together, but what else did I have going for me but him?
christian values
It was the most remarkable moment in which erasure and inclusion collided. Sure, we could live in the complex, but did queer sex not exist for these people? Were we literally incapable of having sex, in their worldview?
I lost a decade of my life to fear, depression and anger. I’m not wasting any more time with blame. I just feel lucky and grateful that I finally found a doctor who figured it out.
The decision to apply for the visa to move to live with my partner in Sweden was not an extremely difficult one to make.
unplanned pregnancy
I wasn’t married, didn’t have money saved and I wasn’t even sure I had maternity coverage on my insurance policy.
Everyone seemed friendly enough and I eased into the work without a hitch. But then, it happened.
I am not a mom, but I study them -- and the difficult work they do -- for about eight hours a day.