Jenn Tisdale got to do just that, with none other than JAMES DEEN. And then she got to write about it, and then I simply HAD TO ask her some kiss-and-tell Qs about their dirty encounter.
kanye west
Famous black men who regularly engage in public displays of confidence irk simply because they’re not an acceptable face of blackness.
I fall firmly into the thank you note camp, because I was not raised by wolves.
kathleen hanna
But this is my second time interviewing her -- that automatically makes us BFFs, right? A little? No? Anyway, here's what the feminist punk icon has to say about riot grrrl, Lyme disease, "Scandal," and the new movie about her.
mary lambert
I talked with the singer-songwriter about beauty, body image, sabering open a bottle of champagne with a sword, and OH YEAH, those two Grammys she's up for on Sunday.