internet creeps
Some aspects of CampusGossip are almost certainly illegal, but the overall model of these sites (posting embarrassing content and charging for deletion) has so far been deemed acceptable.
the good men project
It’s high time we realize that diversity is good for society, even when it comes to unusual baby names like Pilot Inspektor and North West.
When Facebook blocked my personal account for 30 days (no “liking” or status updates, or posts allowed) my first reaction was fury, quickly followed by panic.
I found the hairdresser conceited, oblivious to my discomfort, unprofessional and I couldn't get over all the crazy cats. My one star was for a good cut, but I would never go back.
bad pictures
Sometime in the last few years, I've gone from compulsively untagging every remotely unflattering photo of myself to making them my profile pictures. And it feels AWESOME.
gabby douglas
I don't mind a little snark, but it is never, ever, ever cool for adults to say mean things about children. And yes, 16 years old counts as "a child."