The only thing worse than a nightmare is waking up surrounded by happy sleeping people. You hear everyone breathe and your throat gets tight and sad because you are missing out. Your brain is making you miss out.

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My brain is always racing. This is the one secret that has worked for me consistently to fall asleep over the years.

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You are comfortable in your bed. You no longer have to use the restroom. Your baby is sound asleep upstairs. Your husband is breathing deeply next to you. Just sleep.
Ambien was supposed to cure my lifelong insomnia problem. Instead, it almost ruined my life.
Early one morning, after taking an Ambien at some point the night before, I wandered out of my apartment in Brooklyn, clad only in a towel, with no shoes, keys, phone or money.
The thing about sleep paralysis is that no one really seems to talk about it, but a surprising number of people experience it, as I learn almost every time I mention it.

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