Fostering is completely different than adoption, which is completely different than pregnancy. All are wonderful, but different. Remember that.
September is National PCOS Awareness Month, and this condition may affect as much as 5-10 percent of women. Here's my story, so far.

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In less than two months, he had gone from trying to have a baby with me, his partner of eight years, to actually having a baby with someone he’d been dating for two weeks.
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My focus wasn’t on my very real husband, but on imaginary offspring. I became a sperm junkie.
I hope that the “No Baby Shower” will raise awareness that one in eight people struggle with fertility issues.
Sorting through the belongings, I’ll mourn the nonexistence of my second child the same way I once mourned my mother’s death.
I was all about tackling lady problems. Until it came to menopause. I figured by the time it came around I’d be so old I wouldn’t care about being a dried up old hag. Until I turned 38 and found myself, in a word, menopausal.