ice cream
I mean I enjoy ice cream year-round, but some people are particular about it being a “warm weather” treat.
food hybrids
I’m not really tired of food hybrids if you guys aren't tired of reading about food hybrids.
I can't get the Carl's Jr. Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich here in Florida, so I'm making my own (and it's better).
how not to be a dick
I have a small waist because I am genetically disposed to have one. So please don’t assume that I woke up one day and decided that fat people are disgusting and then starved myself to not be one.
ice cream
Beauty stuff comes second to eating in my world. Now you know.
beverly hills
I like crimped hair, roller skates and eating ice cream. ALERT THE MEDIA.
I cannot get the taste of balls out of my mouth. Help!

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