As I sat in the waiting room filling out paperwork my anxiety skyrocketed when I got to the section that asked for an emergency contact.
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I had been told by several doctors, at this point, that it was likely all in my head. I was a young woman, a high achiever, type A, Ivy-Leaguer, who probably was stressed and my body was shutting down.
I never thought, at this age, I would be a caregiver for my 70-year-old mother and my 7-year-old boy.
After being told he has six months to live because of an enlarged heart, 15-year-old Anthony Stokes was recently informed he would not be placed on the list to receive a life-saving heart transplant because of his history of “non-compliance.”
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Most people have an enormous attachment to their face. But in the entertainment business, it often defines everything about your career.
I have gained so much from this career: perspective, humanity, and the ability to look death in the face and say, “I guess it’s okay.”

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Looking like you're not about to die when you're wearing a backless robe with your arse hanging out is quite an achievement.

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I’ll never forget the 14-year-old kid who said he had dreams about shooting his aunt every night, or the one who wanted to know why rape was illegal. I was just a teenage girl who had panic attacks.
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If I could pull off big fat dark grunge roots with bleach blonde hair in the 90's, why not sexy silver roots with fake black hair in the 10's?