I am an alumni of Gordon College who wants to speak out on this issue without outing my old roommate — which would happen if I posted under my own name.
you are the advice columnist
I'm not sure how to tell this friend I find their statements offensive.
I stood there, staring in wide-eyed, wailing horror as the vicar put his arms up and prayed over me, asking that God would be with me as I dealt with my mother’s terrible, terrible gayness.
Perfecting the gateway into the subject of sexuality is tough. Say it too soon and you sound presumptuous. Leave it too long and you’re a tease.
Growing up to be a lesbian seemed like something that just didn't happen to regular people, like growing up to be a fairy princess.
"Honey, I like boys," he told me. "It's a compliment, don't worry about it."

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Technically, I'm "out." Except up until now, I've done dick about it. Bad choice of words?

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A member of the majority using the possessive about any member of a minority is always, ALWAYS a social faux pas.

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xojane uk
Somewhere in my parent's house there's probably a dusty banner emblazoned with the words "Happy Coming Out Day!"
It was like the clouds parted and delivered directly to me my own personal dykey softball coach angel to help guide my misguided ass through all the pain and confusion and awfulness of being young and gay.
Once, I started crying outside a bar as he sat with me. Why had he dated me when he was questioning his sexuality? Why had he even bothered, knowing that we didn’t even really stand a chance?
My parents said it was a phase. I grew irate, and furiously insisted that it was not a phase. It was totally a phase.
Every once in a while, lesbians are the cutest things ever.
complicated logic
Am I a bad gay for saying that it makes me queasy to see that many people getting at least half naked and acting sexually medieval as if it were an obligation of genetics?
Because this post slams athletes who pull that crap and no one likes a hypocrite.
How I stopped punishing myself and became your New-Agey editor.

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gay husbands
Go ahead and ask Jane a question, but be aware that her answer is probably going to be that your husband is gay.