They lied when they said that going to the principal would resolve it. It's okay, though, I turned out fine.
When did we stop seeing the future president, or the next great American novelist, or the person that will cure cancer when we looked at a classroom? And instead saw the next suicide, the next drug deal, the next Sandy Hook?
high school
I thought that if this guy accepted me, maybe I could get finally get over the feeling of not being good enough in high school.
high school
In 1986, when I attended the first high school reunion we had, I was actually shunned and denied access to pre-paid chicken.
the frisky
I mean, I met the guy of my dreams early in life, how lucky am I? — but as our relationship has progressed, I’ve noticed a few unexpected drawbacks that don’t affect couples who met later in life.
For any girl who has a steady bully, wishing death upon that person is a daily/nightly ritual. But when it actually happens, the last thing you feel is relief or happiness.
high school
When I emailed him asking if he would mind being interviewed for a newspaper article he responded with, “It’s a date.”
At 17, I went to a bizarre dinner in rural Mexico with my boyfriend's family and one of their colleagues. It was ... weird. But was it a cult? I might never know.
late bloomer
Really, what was wrong with me? Nothing. OK, something: Lack of information. Crippling fear. Miscommunication with boys. So actually, a few things.
I tried to speak from the heart when asking the vice president of the free world to my high school formal.
high school
For years, I used resentment toward people who’d bullied me as fuel to power my career. Yet when my past returned on Facebook, I decided to turn the other cheek.
high school
Wrapped up in a youthful mythology that involved me being burned by rejection and rising from the ashes as a fly piece had clouded the reality: I was just a standard awkward teenager who no one wanted to bang.
thought catalog
My current 21-year-old self actually liked my sixteen-year-old self a lot. At sixteen I had some pretty interesting thoughts on life that were genuinely profound and beautiful.
high school
I had just realized that I was probably on a date when he told me that he had naked pictures of me from when I was a teenager.
slut shaming
You can shame, exploit, and humiliate your classmates and get away with it, so long as you maintain a smokescreen of deniability in the form of carrying on your endeavors off-campus.
ihtm contest
It was easier for me to get my hands on a gun than it was to get help from any adult at school.
My high school didn't allow dancing either, but we didn't blame Miley Cyrus.

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When I was 15, I dropped out of high school. That time is a blur of sadness, of prayers for change, for mercy from a God I thought was punishing me for something I did not understand.
My favorite line of all: “In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning."
A "Senior List" at a high school in Missouri details the sexual habits of teen girls. Guess what, teen girls? You do not have to be defined by the tiny fraction of your life that is high school.
We high school teachers are often short on cash, and sometimes, to supplement our income, we volunteer to do things we hate.