breast cancer
Weight-loss surgery is not a subject you broach with someone is worried she might have breast cancer. It's just not.
By the time "Time of My Life" came on, the room pretty much felt like a 7th grade dance with small groups dancing together in circles around the room, cheering with whoops and cat calls -- only mindful, accepting, yogi cat calls.
Cystitis is one thing I can rely on to happen when I’m too tired or too stressed. That slight sting, the hot feeling in the base of my gut.
I had plenty of time to prepare for the blindness that would creep in slowly during my 20s, first eradicating my nighttime and peripheral vision and eventually, in my 30s, my central vision.
Why couldn’t he just say the word FAT? What was he scared of?
OR: A brief history of why I hated doctors for so long, and why I finally stopped.
I was scared and alone. After he put the needle in, I started crying.
She buys me a new scale for every apartment I’ve had, the old one having mysteriously disappeared. Even today, we email each other our weights on a daily basis.
self tanners
Breathe, take a piece of gum or mint, breathe, put on X Rihanna song, breathe, put on chapstick, breathe, put on lip gloss. Repeat as necessary. And suddenly, you’re six months without a cigarette.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
It is my suspicion that every little weird glitchy thing happening to my body is somehow related to being pregnant, and I don’t seem to be incorrect.
Why am I “depressing” or “negative” because I want to, as everyone does, talk about my experiences?
I‘ve been in pain for 21 years. I’ve never in 21 years not felt physically sick in some way. All the time. That’s my norm.
My cyst's gigantic circumference meant all of my non-parasitic organs were squished into a tiny blob against my side.
There was the blind date where I began convulsing in front of an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet. I never saw him again.
I simply explained to Noah that if given the opportunity to choose, the dairy cows and chickens would pick life over death and freedom over cages.
chronic fatigue syndrome
I feel a tremendous amount of guilt around how he married a lively, chatty, funny woman who was always on, always planning the next adventure and now he’s my carer.
I’m in the fetal position on the floor of my locked bedroom, 16 years old, sobbing hysterically, shielding my eyes from a piece of plastic vomit.
How was I to know a simple request for antibiotics was going to start with a review of my sexual history and end with my vag on public display?
wide-hipped women
I started my own Fitblr account, and soon I was just like the rest: re-blogging pictures of skinny girls with their running shoes on and their bones sticking out.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
Did you know having a weakened immune system makes you more susceptible to getting pregnant?