I’m trying to figure out why I’ve been alone this long, because I’m kind of sick of it. (And everyone at xoJane is sick of hearing about it.)
maria menounos
In college I was 40 pounds heavier. But it was when I was skinny that I had the most serious health crisis of my life.
New research looks at the connections between obesity and economics, and big surprise, it turns out things are more complicated than just "personal responsibility" and "eating too much."
I am TOTALLY trying to make "elevator shaming" happen, you guys. This is going to be the next big shameful thing.

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Thin people aren't immune to feeling fat.

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In which I say "NO" to things I like in an effort to look and feel better.
juice cleanses
I'm annoyed by how annoyed everyone is by juice cleansing.
One piece of red velvet cake is 14 points. See you at dinner, real food!

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We're starting a new beauty/fashion column and need your input.
coconut oil
Is the coconut a wonderful, delicious food delivered to us by god himself? Yes. Can coconut oil cure your genital herpes? Probably not.
According to the very few doctors who find the Cyclical Vomiting Disease worth studying, “anything” can set it off.
crazy diets
I'll be right back, I just need to finish my breakfast, which is apparently a donut the size of an SUV. I FEEL SO UNDERSTOOD.
The Monster High world is a place where everyone is welcome, a school where bullying is actually punished, a social environment where the traits that the characters initially characterize as “freaky flaws” are really just part of what makes them special.

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Friends, I have drunk the green Kool-Aid. No, not Ecto-Cooler. That's good, too, though.
I sometimes feel self-conscious about popping probiotics at a restaurant dinner table, or worry about appearing high-maintenance when ordering a side of kale to go with my side of squash.

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fat talk
Ahhh, fat talk. It is, at best, the murderer of intelligent, relevant conversation, and at worst, completely self-destructive.

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This post may or may not include opiates, a butthole, and a butter knife.
spa treatments
And after I almost started crying, an even more ridiculous thing happened.
I had to decide if I really wanted to know my health risks, because the results could be very emotional.
Health is a resource for living, a social good that should be accessible to us all -- not a status symbol available only to an elite few.