What you think losing a child would be like is nothing like how it actually is.

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On January 7th, a little over six months ago, my older sister Tamar died of injuries she sustained in a bus crash a few days earlier. She was 20.
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My bank account is a constant reminder that I only have one parent and that the other one is never coming back.
Most people have meant well and tried to offer comforting words and support to my family during this difficult time. Of course there is always that one person who just doesn’t know what to say.
Then lunch time will come, but you won't feel like eating. You will instead feel like turning off all the lights and burying your face in a pillow for an hour, not for a real nap, but just to turn everything off.
Don’t put these on your to-read list and stare at the titles thoughtfully every now and then. Go out and obtain them, and then read them.
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My dead cat is more popular than cancer, but he deserves it.
When it’s been emotionally or financially taxing, I’ve still felt nothing but extraordinarily fortunate to share my home with such wonderful friends.
It wasn’t until I saw the obituary that everything sank in. The date of death was June 28, four whole days before anyone bothered to tell me.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a magical secret to healing. I wish I did. Still, what I can do is let you know what I’ve learned since 2002.

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The night of July 8th my phone rang at exactly 11:36 pm. It was him. I thought to myself “What does this jerk want?” and tossed the phone back on the counter. The next morning I got a text from my older sister saying my father died.
After struggling to get pregnant, I had to have a misplaced pregnancy surgically removed. When looking for comfort, I found reasons to be angry, and reasons to be persistent.
I'm hoping reading your guy's experiences will give me some insight and help me support him as well as I can.
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Local gossip mongers flooded message boards to debate my father’s character. He was a weirdo and a creep, they claimed, always driving around in his van checking out children.
I was still recovering from the mixed emotions of seeing my boyfriend for the first time in months combined with reverse culture shock, but all of those distractions went out the window when I saw his mother lying comatose in the hospital bed.

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Probably the most disconcerting thing about Greg’s death was how fast I was expected to recover from it. Because, after all, he was “just a boyfriend.”

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