gender gap
It seems ludicrous to talk about running a household like a Fortune 500 company, but there it is: what happens in a childhood home has a profound lifetime impact on a kid.
Why aren't we arguing for disrupting the paradigm itself, rather than the behavior of individuals?
women in the workplace
Men are never asked if they’re choosing “briefcase over baby,” and no one ever asks why it is that men work so hard to achieve high ranks in their workplaces.
If you want my investment capital, show me something other than white dudes.
Are you having trouble succeeding in your career? A New York state senator thinks it’s probably because you lack “elegance” when climbing stairs.

Jul 5, 2012 at 4:00pm | 61 comments

dude seriously?
You may know Jack Welch as the former CEO of General Electric. I know him as a giant douchebag.
You can’t talk about wage gaps without talking about the racialisation of these gaps.