Our life is surprisingly boring, surprisingly simple, surprisingly normal.
Is this relationship something I should give up on if her family still doesn’t budge?
Friendship isn’t second place for losers, it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.
friends and lovers
Last week, Josh Weed came out as gay on his blog. This isn’t really a big deal on the Internet, except for these facts: Josh is a Mormon. And he’s married to a woman.
Some modern couples are allowing each other to have online flings, flirtations, and sexytimes despite being in a committed relationship. That's cool, but I wouldn't be able to pull it off.
friends and lovers
It makes me want to tear up and make some cliché comment about how love is love, etc etc.
Privately, I wrestled with my own competing desires; I longed for a simple affair that wouldn’t threaten my notions of my own sexuality, the bedrock of my identity. Instead, things felt complicated.