saving money
The fast is designed for people who want to reign in their spending, reduce debt, track expenses and get a good start to the rest of the year.
financial planning
“I hear it from people all the time,” Brewer says of her financial planning clients. “They spoil themselves as adults because they’re making up for all the ways they felt deprived as kids.”
I’ve yet to meet a parent who isn’t somehow saddled with the things they wish they’d done differently with their kids.
The fact is that a large percentage of us have no clue what to do with money because we’ve never really had to deal with it, and we don’t know how to handle it.
being a grownup
It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that considering the purchase of a house is enough to make a person hurl.
A combination of factors are coming together like a perfect storm to trap people pursuing higher education in a maelstrom of debt that will be difficult to escape, and it could cast a pall over our future as well as our present.
financial planning
The issue here is not that people are saving less money. It’s that there is less money to save.