foot fetish
He gave me a novel about fetishes written in 1928 called "Story of the Eye" by Georges Bataille and halfway through the book I realized that I very very much wanted to have sex with this boy.
At first I was hesitant; it wasn’t the big break I'd been imagining. But the guy urged me, saying everyone had to start somewhere -- that I should see this as “on-the-job training.” Plus they’d pay me $50!
the style con
A man I dated, who was awesomely open about his kinks, including a foot fetish, described that for him, the turn on had to do with the assumed dirtiness of feet.
responses to comments
Racial dating preferences are not necessarily EVIL. What I am asking of these white guys is -- why not honestly explore where your racial dating preferences come from?
Maybe I should have learned some grand lesson about race, or sex, or prejudice. But what I really learned was this: words have power.
At least one weekend each month, I'm woken up from a kinky midday-nap dream in the best possible way.
asian women
When I ask, "What’s up with your long history of dating so many Asian women?" these are the nine stupid answers I get.
It feels great waiting in line at the post office with an armful of these anonymous looking packages addressed to Clive, Eric or Kevin.
It is small world after all.

Jun 6, 2013 at 1:00pm | 30 comments

I’ve been photographed in 13 countries and four states, tied up everywhere from stunning church ruins to secret underground dungeons below country mansions and have stomped down catwalks in just about every kind of outfit imaginable.
The annual waxing of my figure has brought about the return of one feisty little critter I'd forgotten about: the FUPA.

May 10, 2012 at 1:00pm | 223 comments

I might prefer that my big controversial sex preferences involved whipped cream or whatever instead of wanting to be slapped in the face during intercourse, but that is not the hand I was dealt.