If I put my name on this, my conservative family will never talk to me again.
birth control
I find it incredibly empowering to have an intimate relationship with the ebbs and flows of my own cycle.
I have nine sons and seven daughters, and I do not intend to stop.
At the age of 40, there was no time to dilly-dally. If I wanted biological children, I had to do something fast.
The author of a new book about fertility delivers a hard truth: that biology doesn't always align with our rosy feminist ideals.
Giving up my fertility was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. For a long time, I regretted it.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
Maybe Dashiell and I never fight, or maybe we fight really well. Either way, I’m pretty into it.
the frisky
I'm not using my childfree status as some kind of cover for fertility-related issues. Thanks for the knowing nods, concerned shoulder touches, and those links to support groups, but I’m fine.
fairy tales
I thought a week of teaching fairy tales to sweet little munchkins would make me want a darling of my own. Instead, it made me want to get my tubes tied. (Almost.)

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getting pregnant with michelle tea
“So, like, you could make sperm from my stem cells?” I ask Maria. “Like, I could make sperm? And fertilize Dashiell’s egg?"
In my new life I was sad (der), sleep deprived, fat, and pee just leaked out of what I assumed was my permanently broken vagina.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
I am bizarrely proud of myself and immediately want Marina to hang out in the room praising me for nonsense all day. The best patient!
getting pregnant with michelle tea
“He’s going to take this -- wand,” I warn her, “And put it up your hooch.” Dashiell makes a terrible face. “It’s like he’s playing a video game. He’s going to get it up there and clear a screen of Ms. Pac-Man.”
Within two weeks, my bloated lower abdomen could easily be mistaken for a real second trimester pregnancy and I felt as though my ovaries were suspended like a puppet by a thin string, bobbing up and down painfully when I sat or stood too quickly.

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My mother said, “Lorraine, you know you can’t have a baby."
Every now and then something surges inside me and I think, that’s a feeling. But then it goes away.
I'm embarrassed to admit to you and to anybody that I'm not sure how I feel about babies at a time when it's maybe most important for me to know.
One novelist argues that having children makes women better able to write powerful feelings and relationships. I'm saying no.
KNOW WHAT’S AWESOME? HEALTH INSURANCE, I tweet, feeling the sensation of my life changing as my life is being changed.
I call Planned Parenthood and they refer me to the local teaching hospital. A review calls the hospital ‘almost a non-profit’, and I’m sold. I make a call and their financial person calls me right back. I get off the phone feeling like it’s less expensive than I thought – maybe not even expensive after all! This is a phenomenon already known to me as the Barneys Effect.

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A great Dad is really most certainly amazing, it is also a rarity, and so in 90 percent of the cases having no dad at all beats having a shitty Dad.
If these shady drugs don’t hook me up with a belly full of triplets or at least one good set of conjoined twins within six months, I think it’s time to move on to the harder stuff.