Now Facebook is that annoying guy who overexplains the joke.
social media
In the last year or so, I have made a point of posting pictures in which my daughters are doing something other than smiling –- making music, playing soccer –- so the comments say something other than “She’s so beautiful!”
one night stands
i fucking love science
Because of the casual disregard for informed consent that these researchers showed, we have no idea if they or others like them are conducting more studies like this.
The closest I have come to having a couple photo as my profile picture is a big cartoon duck I met at a street fair once. I will admit, it felt kind of nice.

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By starving, I was killing myself to be anything but the person I was.
I wasn’t about to call him and tell him -- no one “calls” on the “telephone” anymore. So there was only one thing to do: block him on Facebook.
chicken arm
I’ll put my arm wherever I want to, ma’am.
social media
Facebook is becoming an increasingly important component of peoples’ deaths -- not only how we process loss, but how we remember them.

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What would such a lovely, mild-mannered human have to do to get herself booted off the universe’s premier online social networking website!?

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I first learned my Dad's birthday when he sent me a request on Facebook.
true friends
social media
I deleted my account the other night and realised that actually, I really like it.
you are the advice columnist
I'm afraid that if I let her know, she'll get defensive and start a huge argument.
I used to feel humiliation recalling all of it — like I’d somehow deserved the bullying — but now I just feel sadness for that poor girl I used to be.
I’m in denial that I have a gambling problem since I’m not feeding dollars or quarters into a machine in Las Vegas. Instead I’m seated at my dining-room table playing a free slot machine on Facebook.
Did you post a picture of you having the best time ever online? Yeah, that's a gloatgram.
My sister and I did not talk for months. And then we did. What happened in between taught me how to deal with grief.
daisy coleman
I've seen the dark side of human nature. Now I'm going to protect my daughter with everything I've got.