A man once came up to me on the street just to tell me that I was too fat for the dress that I was wearing.
I used to laugh at people huffing and puffing away on machines until the day I realised I was one of them.

Jun 18, 2013 at 6:00pm | 414 comments

This wasn't written about me (so far as I know). But as someone who's received a lot of this type of workout "encouragement" over the years, I have a response anyway.
He wanted me to admit to him that yes, in fact, my weight did bother me. He wanted to hear my say it, to hear the word “fat” come out of my lips.
The hardcore workout venue is now offering classes for children. Some experts say it helps fight obesity and promotes healthy habits, but others think it's ridiculous.
If girls started getting under the bar with some serious weight, the market for diet books, gadgets, pills, food-like products, exercise gear, Spanxx, and so-called health/fitness magazines might just entropy.
If all he’s ever cared about is whether I’m happy or not, why should I not extend him the same consideration?
Turns out there's a scientific explanation for why so many of us don't enjoy breaking a sweat.
I knew I would have blisters for at least month, possibly a torn ACL, but I stuck it out in the name of toned curves and general craziness.
When you grow up fat, movement is never just for the sake of movement. My backhand didn't matter; my backside was all people cared about.
body acceptance
I’ll freely admit I would be super interested in a fitness environment that didn’t treat me like a freaking disease.
Ohhhh my god, why are plus size workout clothes so boring?
fitness trackers
Does it really matter if your fitness tracker over-counts your steps during a given day?
Only recently have I started to see exercise as something other than punishment for not having a “perfect” body.
but i don't wanna
I would rather hug a stranger than go on a run. But facts are facts. FML.
About 80% of the breakups I’ve initiated were related to how this relationship really gets in the way of my exercise schedule.
Sure, you can get your fitness on at a gym, but I'd rather watch a movie to get svelte.

May 31, 2012 at 12:00pm | 135 comments

Your boss wants you to "voluntarily" let him know how much you are working out. I want him to "voluntarily" punch himself in the nards.

Apr 23, 2013 at 12:30pm | 132 comments

See, I love spinning. But my vagina? Hates it.

Aug 7, 2013 at 6:00pm | 129 comments