The day he moved, I got drunk on cheap beer and cried like a baby, mascara-streaked and alone in my D.C. apartment.
vidal sassoon
The asshole jar is a reminder of what I’ve wrongly settled for in the past, and what I won’t stand for in the future.
In my experience, a lot of the crap I have collected during relationships, due to sappiness and my hoarder tendencies, must be thrown out when things end.
Most people don't speak to their ex-boyfriends. I played matchmaker for mine.
I'd like to believe there are lots of guys out there who don't cheat. Unfortunately, all of the evidence points to the contrary.
I can't think of a single person I've broken up with that I'm legitimately "over" in the sense that I can still think about them without feeling a bit gut-punched.
relationship violence
At 21, I was a grown woman, according to me, and as such I should have been able to handle an ex-boyfriend who had a "dark side" he repeatedly claimed was all my fault.
alexa ray joel
Extra point! The story of how I learned to love America's (actual) favorite pastime.
emotional abuse
None of that anger is directed at me any longer, but it's still simmering, and it's as hot as I remember.