ex boyfriends
I crashed my ex-boyfriend's wedding. I swear it wasn't on purpose.
ex boyfriends
People are weird and this is why I stay inside.
ex boyfriends
It’s hard to process that someone you love is dying from an addiction. It’s even harder to see proof that your heterosexual ex-boyfriend is having sex with men for pleasure and for drugs.
the frisky
They didn’t seem to get that I was serious about the texting-me-from-the-bathroom thing. Hours went by and I didn’t hear one peep from either party.
ex boyfriends
Boys and girls, refusing to pick up items from your exes won’t bring them back.
The day after we broke up, not only did he change the locks on our shared condo, he also emptied our bank accounts and left me drowning in debt.
I'm finding out that I have value as a person and not just as a picture outside a theater.
He offered to go out of his way to pick me up and drop me off, which was out of character, and wanted me there because "I was the most special person in his life." Did I mention that I'm a Leo, and highly susceptible to flattery?
ex boyfriends
Sometimes when you’re feeling a little lost, a little self-destructive and in dire need of a clean slate, you kind of just need to sleep with your ex boyfriend.
ihtm contest
He broke up with me the week before Christmas. I spent the next week holed up in bed, eating éclairs and watching Grey’s Anatomy. If I had been in a better state, I might have noticed I had missed my period.
ex boyfriends
All this is probably fermented karma. You can't call someone "Cornrows" in the Washington Post, and not expect some type of payback from the universe.

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