I get my feelings hurt when someone bumps into me on the street and doesn't apologize. It's exhausting to take everything so personally.
A medal contender in men's skeleton makes a mistake and fights tears on camera, and it's brave. Some US women's hockey players cry after their loss to Canada, and they're mocked. Of course. They're women.
We don't live in a feelings vacuum where people are completely unaffected by each other, no matter how many comments people leave to that effect.
Not to get all cane-shaking about it, but what do the disaffected youth watch today, without a young Christian Slater to be the smirking antihero who shows them how to defy authority and destroy everything?
being alone
Eating Brussels sprouts alone and listening to Adele is not the healthiest thing.
It was a good friend of mine who coined the term “Emotional Stuffing” for this very effective technique I've been using for, well, my entire life.
dan wheldon
Sometimes it's hard to be sad when people make dangerous life choices.