I honestly can't believe I'm even writing about this.

Oct 12, 2012 at 3:16pm | 566 comments

embarrassing moments
For a bunch of people that talk about our personal lives on the Internet, the xoJane editors sure are great at coming up with our most embarrassing moments.
embarrassing moments
Sometimes I wonder whether my internal embarrassment switch is broken.
I don't actually hate your baby! It was just a thing I did for money once.
It's one thing to fall down in class, it's another thing entirely to CAUSE DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY WITH ONE'S BUTT.
embarrassing moments
“How’s it going?” Matt Damon asks while looking at me like I’m INSANE and my mind goes blank.
horror stories
When I wiped my scissors on the towel draped around Donna Tartt’s neck, I noticed a little white fleshy thing about the size of a newly clipped fingernail.