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And I'd rather be on a rooftop smoking angel dust than writing this post.
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My office has just launched a brand new weight loss incentive. While participation is not mandatory (thank god), its presence has made a discernible impact around the office.
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Heather my love, there's a new unreasonable idealized beauty standard in town.
eating disorders
Making rent each month meant planning every expense down to the cent and food was one of the only things that wasn't a fixed cost. So increasingly I found myself cutting it out of my budget, and just not organizing to have something to eat every day.
eating disorders
I know if I never had to be skinny to pay my rent, I wouldn’t have cared one bit about my thighs.
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I'm sick of defending my appetite, or lack thereof, to people who are concerned, curious, disgusted or jealous.
eating disorders
In the third installment of a never-ending series, I attempt to talk Emily out of going back to Weight Watchers.
Did the way your parents made you behave during mealtimes affect you later in life? DISCUSS.
When people can’t even engage respectfully with a woman saying she’s harmed by something people in her environment are doing, it’s kind of impossible to hope for any meaningful change.
I started my own Fitblr account, and soon I was just like the rest: re-blogging pictures of skinny girls with their running shoes on and their bones sticking out.
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UGH, I’m getting all serious again. Sorry, but stomach flu just isn’t conducive to beauty writing. This will be brief!
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Food (and alcohol) are often problematic parts of office culture, especially if you have any kind of issue with them.
eating disorders
There's no real name for just not eating if you're fat. Mostly there is this idea that, if you are fat, not eating is precisely what you should be doing.

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eating disorders
I'm not down with framing this as a problem -- because if it's a problem, it needs a solution, and what is the solution if not tell other writers of memoirs about eating disorders to be less forthcoming with their stories?

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I spent three hours chatting with xoJane readers last night on the internet -- and WILDLY enjoyed every second. Obsessed with you guys!
eating disorders
When news outlets cover eating disorder issues as if they are a brand-new thing, or just a craze among some teen girls who have been exposed to too much Photoshopping, they’re delegitimizing the struggle of eating disorder patients past and present.
For the first time in my life, I fit into “normal” sizes. I did this by deciding I was “addicted” to sugar and white flour and that I also needed to weigh or measure the contents every meal.