What the sick, self-pitying part of me meant when I said I needed an edgy dude was that, at heart, I needed a man as confused and crazy as I thought I was.
internet dating
Here are a few translations (from BS to English, of course) of some of the more ridiculous things I've seen guys write on OKCupid. All in fun, people, all in fun.
A depressing new study found that dudes on OKCupid are most attracted to women who claim to be cheaters.
do this don't
Hooking up wasn't the problem; the problem was how I compulsively relied on alcohol to help satisfy my bottomless need for male approval.
good guys
Why is it that so many “good guys” act like adult babies, and not in a fetish sense?
In other news, water is wet, astronauts are attractive, and Carrie Underwood is the perfect post-breakup singer-songwriter to sing at one's baffled hallmates from a dorm room floor.
I will never have hair as voluminous and curly as Marc Bolan's, but I can try.
I'm the opposite of those girls who say, "I don't get along with women," or "I hate girls, they're too catty." My friends are almost exclusively female and it's been this way since the beginning of time.
I may kind of hate Pinterest, but that doesn't mean we need a "dude equivalent." Particularly when it just features photos of scotch tumblers and animals holding Bowie knives.
I had a full fledged Overreaction to an email from a stranger. Here's the uplifting note he wrote me back
"You are even more delicious than the foam in my Guinness" and other valid reasons for calling it quits.
Dudes! They're the best.
bill hicks
The second time, you were a little more confident, a little more adventurous, and a lot more capable of processing your surroundings and committing them to memory.
I mean, this IS the most important thing to me, so, obvi, I know what I'm talking about. Also: Roxy surfer chicks try to actually surf. And it pisses a few guys off. SHOCKING!
Sadly, as a female who’s been watching NFL games in bars since the 90s, I have a lot of experience dealing with men who can’t fathom that a girl knows her football.