fat acceptance
The following day he posted my address and the addresses and phone numbers of my husband’s business, my family members and all the interviewees in our film on a site called pastebin.
revenge porn
interracial dating
As much as the African-American community tried to make my generation aware of racism, it was dead to me. The world seemed like a completely different place than it did back in those days.
bad reviews
In my experience on the Internet, as someone who writes, among many other things, about pop culture from a social justice perspective, fanboys can be some of the most unimaginably horrific people on earth.
black women
Commentator Zerlina Maxwell did a brave thing this weekend. She went on Fox News, not exactly a bastion of human rights commentary, and said that if we want to stop rape, we need to educate men on the subject, rather than putting the responsibility on women.
I was unnerved that some people didn’t just disagree with me: they wanted my very existence, my very humanity, erased, as painfully as possible, starting with my vagina.
death threats
It's become common for pro athletes who make crucial mistakes to immediately weather an outpouring of hate and cruelty on Twitter. And no one seems to be doing a thing about it.