There was the time when students laughed at me for wearing a head-wrap to class, and one teacher approached me and asked if I was wearing a Thai skirt on my head.
interracial relationships
When I asked him what his parents thought of me, he replied, "They said you seemed nice, but asked me why I wouldn't rather date a Vietnamese girl from our church."
There’s not a lot of self-examination among many of the people who compete at and attend horse shows, because to do so would be to question their own culture.
A routine check up at the OB/GYN could not be that complicated, I reasoned. Besides, nowhere in the United States does a specialist visit cost $16.
I know everyone on my road by sight and by name. I’ve been into almost every house on my road, and I’ve looked after animals, gardens, mail, and other sundry matters for my neighbors -- and they’ve done the same for me.