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I'm torn between thinking "if she likes me now because I look good, what if that's all that really makes her want to be more than friends?" and "I worked damn hard to get in shape! Isn't this one of the reasons why?"
Nothing good has ever come from me holding in my feelings. They don’t go away.
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do this don't
I’ve uttered some pretty ridiculous half-truths to try and maintain some sort of “indie cred.”
While my peers swooned over the New Kids, I was wondering just how to go about contacting James Caan -- in my pants.
delicious delicious food
As the only black kid. On. The. Entire. Island of Santa Catalina. I didn’t have much by way of prospects.

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boy craziness
It recently occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons some women are constantly focused on “snagging a man” is that it frees up some of our brain space.
Girl-centric summer camp classic "Little Darlings" was a movie I held religiously close to my heart as a preteen, but how would it look to an almost 39-year-old?
Hand Job Time Machine. If you had one, to whom would you give one? Inspired Sex genius, Heather Weil has a Tumblr full of ideas to get you started. (NSFW-ish photo inside.)

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Literary obsession is a lot like social engagement, only it’s more consuming and energizing and it takes place inside your head where you don’t have to deal with human people at all.
It was one of my first disappointments with men, which like that black coffee, became easier and easier to swallow until they were pretty much what I expected.
Some crushes you just can't explain.
This pop culture memoirist loves like a Midwesterner, and reminds me that I once did, too.