Surprisingly, having sex with a plastic bag feels a lot like having sex with a plastic bag, my lab partner reported.
In 2003, 63% of sexually active teens were busting out the love glove for sexytimes. Last year, only 59% did.
I was stunned that a product that encourages sexual health and wellness would be so frowned on by society.
As a hot-blooded American woman, I expect corporations to create products for all my needs and neuroses and am appalled by the dearth of products in the slut category.
Why is having a penis inside of my vagina such a landmark event, but having my first orgasm doesn’t even rank?
Readily available condoms are not necessarily the norm for students in US schools, thanks to moral panic about contraceptives and The Teenagers Having Sex.
Recently I went home with a kinky man after our first date. The experience phased in and out of being consensual throughout the night. I distinctly left his apartment feeling violated and I continued to feel violated for several days after.
Never did it occur to wonder why it was that I was so often the sole person responsible for insisting on safe sex, why I was positioned repeatedly as the condom police, posed at the entrance to my vagina with a whistle and a handheld stop sign.
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In my opinion, conversations about STDs are less than worthless.
In almost every one of my relationships, at some point a condom showed up where it shouldn’t have.
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The erotic adventures of Anonymous Single Guy continue.
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When I hear people talking about how bad condoms feel or how ineffective they are, it bums me out, because condoms do not deserve the scorn that they receive.
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The key is to this is thoughtful branding. And Ryan Gosling's face.