The MacBook is dead; long live the MacBook.

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tech support
What happened to cause this Pokemon-esque evolution into Crankyoldladychu?
I started to think that in a relationship these days, the need for one’s own technological space is similar to the “room of one’s own” espoused by Virginia Woolf.
Just like there is never a good time for your toilet to clog, or your electricity to go out, or to develop a bladder infection, there is never a good time for your computer to crash.

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Between mourning and drinking wine to mark the passing of a true American genius, I wrote this piece about my relationship with apple computer. Then I sent it to xoJane.

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You buy everything else really responsibly. Why not your computer?
Want the new Google Chromebook laptop? You can find it in the Gilt Men section. Only. TOUGH.

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ask natalie
"Do you think, generally speaking, when people take chargers that aren't theirs and don't return them when asked IN WRITING and given a chance to say they took them by accident, that they do it unintentionally?"

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