Don’t I deserve a little time to be single and unafraid and strong and independent and all those other things Kelly Clarkson sings about?
I'm sorry, but I cannot perform any chore that involves the use of rubber gloves because the noise they make is my nails on a chalkboard.
My boyfriend's request was alarming because of his wording: Sometimes, it's "sexier” when I ”leave a little to the imagination."
With four months to go until June, it was official: our relationship had expired before our lease did.
I always envied my ex-mother-in-law, who has what I consider to be the perfect cohabitation arrangement with her boyfriend of 20+ years. He lives in the upstairs apartment, and she lives downstairs.
Lack of personal space, in my opinion, is the root of all evil.
My boyfriend had 3 kitchen sponges and my hamper Is developing an ecosystem. Doomed?
How to keep having sex even though you're living together.
moving in
While you don't have to wear a vial of their blood around your neck or shave their initials in your pubic hair, it is important to at least mutually acknowledge that cohabitation is a big step in your relationship.
It’s sort of like the lite version of cohabiting -- we get to play house, without the logistical tough stuff of actually doing so.
It had been 23 years since I last lived in a place without another person not blood-related to me also living there
Before you mark a move-in date on your calendar or put 3 Big Dudes and a Truck on reserve, consider 3 ways to protect what’s yours whether love is up or down.
I’m glad that Noel and I spent that additional year living together -- it was tricky, but it allowed us to fully transition out of our state of coupledom and join the rest of the world again.
I go to a baseball game and inevitably write a post that has nothing to do with sports.
I had a baby with my ex-boss's ex-husband (& it's ex-tra complicated).