class issues
I'm poor enough that I have to choose between food and toilet paper, but not poor enough for food stamps, apparently.
I went into it knowing that I wasn’t going to see a faithful and perfect adaptation, and that this would be okay; I was curious to know if the spirit of the books was retained.
car shopping
Women don't drive stick and red is the same color as black -- and other words of wisdom from car salesmen.
During summers with my great-grandmother, I ate deer meat and government cheese and veg grown in the garden. I've had some very country club dinners at some very fance places, but when I think about comfort food… let's just say I asked a guy I know who hunts if he could kill a deer for me.
being a grownup
It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that considering the purchase of a house is enough to make a person hurl.
What if the resources available to My Brother's Keeper were instead used to eliminate male domination so young women and men could build strong alliances and fight racism together?
class issues
When I told my mother we were looking for "someone to clean," because nobody I know says "maid" or even "housekeeper," she responded, "Clean what? You're two adults." Which is both the problem and the solution.
If my patrons, the poor kids in a slightly wealthy town, need us for after-school snacks, computer access, and a sense of community, then the teen patrons of poorer communities struggling to keep their libraries open definitely do.