elizabeth street
Truth is, after a long day, or when you're vacationing with your family on a relaxing island, sometimes all you really want is to pick up something familiar, with characters that remind you of your best friends.
chick lit
Reading about people who hate their bodies normalizes body hate. But it's not like chick lit invented characters who don't like their bodies.
beach books
I didn’t plan to be a chick lit writer or a commercial writer or any specific kind of a writer. I just wanted to write. And I was writing. I was getting paid to write
Sparkle, Heather, Sparkle!!

Oct 31, 2011 at 12:30pm | 0 comments

My friend Kathy is so passionate about glitter she spearheaded a pro-glitter rally (and charity fundraiser).
chick flicks
We all know that stuff made for ladies is LAME and NOT AS COOL as stuff made for men, right?
Don't let the dippy cover art fool you; Marian Keyes is a literary genius.