'Bringing it on' is associated with a crazy number of injuries -- yet people still insist on treating it more like a dumb hobby than a sport that deserves respect.
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One by one, members of the dance team were asked to come into a small office area in our sports bras and shorts as our coaches told us if we should work on any “problem areas."
A "Senior List" at a high school in Missouri details the sexual habits of teen girls. Guess what, teen girls? You do not have to be defined by the tiny fraction of your life that is high school.
Before I showed up for auditions, all I knew about professional cheerleading was that you had to be "pretty," perky and have a double pirouette. Nobody told me about the double Ds.

Aug 27, 2012 at 11:30am | 27 comments

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Would a show called "Little League Lads" get the same hand wringing cries about how horrible the fast-talking coach is on the "scared little boys"?
And I even have my own Barbie! Sort of.