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This is the first time in history that men have experienced droves of driven, intelligent women. And it is apparent that many are not handling it well.
Is earning a living and enjoying what you do all day mutually exclusive?
It’s hard not to drop the laundry basket and ask, “What the hell am I doing here?”
“Someone has come to me,” my boss said, “And they’ve got some complaints about what you’ve been doing with your face and your hair.”

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I’m trying to decide if I should just totally give up on making my curls look professional and like, marry my flat iron already.

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Please, learn from me -- then make me feel better by telling me your best interview blunders.
I had change the way I think about my salary and savings. Though I earn several thousand dollars each month, I now know that I don’t get to automatically spend it all, like I would have when I was in my teens or early 20s and had no debt or living expenses.
I’m 37 years old and married without kids—and I haven’t worked in four years. That feels like a confession. I didn’t expect to be living like this in my 30s, but not working has worked out for me.
I didn’t think people actually stalked in the work place. Only strangers off the street and crazy exes stalk, right?
Working for these particular feminists even made me nostalgic for the housekeeping job where I was sexually harassed by a house boy for the entire summer.

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Yeah, people are going to be rude to you. But then you get the people that thank you for what you do, smile, or ask you how your day is going.
We spoke with Tara Sophia Mohr, a career coach whose 10 Rules for Brilliant Women is pretty much the rulebook, when it comes to getting ahead. She dished the 10 things you're probably saying all the time, that are working against you.

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Why would they include this on a report to the department of labor, in what is sure to remain a permanent and possibly public record? I believe they intend to use it to shame me into withdrawing my claim for benefits.

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Like with all buzz-killing life truths, there comes a time to realize that you are not a 24-year-old editorial assistant anymore.

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I never dreamed I would be That Girl staying at home with her man's money footing the bill. But here I am.
Forget "crying at work," try totally losing your mind on your co-workers!

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If after reading this article you tell me in a monotone, pleasing, non-combative voice: "Is that the best you can do?" I will probably want to give you more money.

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The first in an occasional series I will do on career shit.

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She stood her ground, didn't back down and then walked the fuck out. Boom!
It’s not I’m not that into dressing up, or I don’t know how to put an outfit together. It’s just that most days, I would rather hold on to a few more precious minutes of sleep, than wake up earlier, put together a look, and do my own hair and makeup.
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How long do you have to intern before you can ask your bosses about a real job and/or some credit?