I cut my hair to show support for my friend fighting cancer, and some guy in a bar felt compelled to tell me that my haircut made me look like a lesbian.
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Why is everything I love bad for me?

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Without my hair, my eyebrows, my breasts, my beauty, I felt exposed in a way I’d never felt before – completely vulnerable, like a shaved deer in the headlights.
Doctors are suddenly very interested in my personal life the minute I tell them I am not worried about preserving my fertility.
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One week would be amazing -- filled with love letters, flowers at work, and plans for our future. The next he would call me crying, saying he got news from his doctors that the cancer was spreading.
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Her legendary set talking about her cancer and her mother's death inspired Louis C.K. to call it one of the "greatest standup performances" he's ever seen. She says nothing matters -- and that's the point.
This isn't a cancer story, it's a love story.
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I learned few valuable lessons through this journey with cancer that I’d like to pass on to you.
Cancer caused by HPV doesn't care if your a whore or not, and just wants your lady parts to kill you.
His cancer had been caused not by smoking, but by HPV that had been lying dormant for decades.
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My mom, the adventurous, whimsical woman, never really returned after that biopsy.
I thought jumping back into the dating pool after having cancer at age 27 would be good for me. But as hard as I tried, I was no longer a "normal" twentysomething.
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Why am I “depressing” or “negative” because I want to, as everyone does, talk about my experiences?
I think I audibly heard my oncologist breathe a sigh of relief when I outwardly told him my health was more important than fertility. Based on his reaction, I don't think that happens often.
I’m one of those women who is very small on top and twice the size on the bottom. I have what are lovingly referred to by tabloid magazines as cankles, and in general my legs do not look like legs but like pale white tree trunks.
Having been through treatment as a 10-year-old means that the 29-year-old me has a differently shaped worldview than your average 29-year-old.

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I want to believe that the world might start to understand what it’s like to be facing death while still at the beginning of your adult life. I just can’t be in the theater to watch it.
In late July, Avaric was diagnosed with brain cancer. Seeing the words “brain cancer” still shocks me, wears me thin.
When I got my diagnosis, I didn’t think about feeling pretty, or (in the words of a male friend who tried his best one day to make me feel better) whether the treatment would give me a “free Brazilian.”

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