Most of what I wanted was a reaction, because it indicated that I was the boss of SOMETHING. The bigger the reaction, the more fun the game was for me.
I used to feel humiliation recalling all of it — like I’d somehow deserved the bullying — but now I just feel sadness for that poor girl I used to be.
I wish more kids would leave the most oppressive setting they’ll likely face in their lifetime, and realize that life really starts after high school.
When I was being bullied as The Fat Kid, there was a part of me that would have leapt at the chance to erase my body and replace it with a different one. But there was also a part of me that deeply resented the suggestion that I should have to change myself to fit in.

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My job is straight out of '1984,' plus I’m being bullied. Between the cameras and the nepotism and the unwavering fear factor, I’m shocked I’ve made it this long.
rehtaeh parsons
My daughter killed herself 16 months after being gangraped. This week, a company thought it was a good idea to use her picture in a dating ad.
awkward years project
If Throwback Thursday has taught me anything, it's that I'm not alone.
I let it ruin the rest of my evening, then I woke up the next morning feeling like I'd been run over emotionally by a truck.
online personal attacks
For any girl who has a steady bully, wishing death upon that person is a daily/nightly ritual. But when it actually happens, the last thing you feel is relief or happiness.
They lied when they said that going to the principal would resolve it. It's okay, though, I turned out fine.
If you’re trying to raise a compassionate person who treats other people well, a nice talk about being nice to other people is not going to do anything but convince the kid she’s gotten away with her bad behavior.
name calling
The follow-up story to what happened after my friend's boyfriend completely unleashed on me.
Telling women they need smaller bazongas if they want to avoid bullying is feeding into a larger and really gross culture about women and bodies.
The worst part? We're sharing a vacation house for the next four months.
Some adults seem to think bullying is the natural order of things.
the internet
Don't worry, this is not another "are women funny?" thing, because ZZZZZ. This is something else entirely. )
I had a flat chest, a horrible nickname and I was willing to do anything to fit in as a seventh-grader. I found my panacea in the guise of a secret book called "How to Be Popular."
being fat all over the internet
Fat-hating bullies make me teeth-grittingly angry. I think they make this fat news anchor in Wisconsin angry as well.
A familiar prank made the news this week as a Detroit teen was voted on the Homecoming court as a "joke." Who has this not happened to?

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