how not to be a dick
Do not shame me or tell me to stop complaining because I am lucky/endowed/gifted/anything along those lines. I get it.
I have been sized by so many salespeople that I feel I may never trust again.

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breast cancer
For now, all I can do is hang my hopes on the slim percentage that I won’t get breast cancer, knowing that if a tumor develops, it’s not like I can afford to treat that either.
Bralessness is like a good bargain -- I just can't keep my mouth shut about it!

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girls gone wild
I was 18, it was Mardi Gras, and I'd never heard of Joe Francis, a man with the moral constitution of a bowel movement.
Seriously, if you work with me, you can skip this post. It's about underwear and, well, you know. Awkward.
breast reduction
big boobs
My boobs were never welcomed in any workplace in corporate America.
body image
I promise never to talk about diets again, but I don't think that I'm the only one of us who lives like this.
As shocking as it may sound, it is possible to convey that a character is interested in sex and relationships without physically stripping her naked for us to look at. It happens with dudes all the time.
Lest we kid ourselves into thinking that major surgery is a bed of roses on a sea of clouds, allow me to tell you about some of the decidedly less pleasant events of my life since surgery.
video games
C’mon everyone, one woman likes this game and can see beyond the problematic representation of these characters. Why can’t we ignore those aspects and enjoy the complexities the game has to offer?

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Yeast infections! They're not just for vaginas anymore!
In my experience, the only thing boobs make you want to buy are more boobs.
I’ve had my nipple piercing for almost two years now and I am hankering for a change. The world of nipple rings is expanding as we speak and I want to try them all.
From fourth grade on, I looked like I was about 25 years old.
boob forum
When was the last time you showed your boobs to someone while not in the act of sexing? Did it involve alcohol?
She may condition little girls to question their measurements, but I was more concerned with not having nipple-less breasts like hers.
I don't think I had a stitch of clothing on the upper portion of my body for the first few weeks that I was home from the hospital. It also happened to be the time when we had a never-ending flow of company. I did not give a shit.
When people discover where I work, they often ask “Would you let your daughter become a topless model?"
breast cancer
Could you spot them in a crowd?

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