dry skin
I want to tell you about some pumpkin products that are not only beneficial for your skin, but smell great, too. Obviously.
I don't understand "natural" beauty and haven't bought groceries in months. But here's some stuff you'll want to spend your money on anyway.
body lotion
After my showers back in college, my big, nasty frat house bathroom would smell like a giant candy cane, which all the idiots I lived with seemed to love, and so did I.
body lotion
Body lotion isn't actually makeup, but that's my title and I'm sticking to it. Plus, splitting the bill on dates: Are we doing this now?
art basel miami
If you didn't know you could SMELL tan in addition to simply LOOKING tan...you're welcome in advance.
I psychologically collapsed a few days ago, but I was creamy-and-sweetly-scented the whole time! And how was YOUR weekend?