You probably don't know, because so few places are doing it. But let's just imagine if they did for a moment.
body image
Strangers often feel free to weigh in on my kid’s appearance, often directly to her.
Men aren’t supposed to feel fat -- you just go work out and run and diet properly and fix it. Studies show that most men with anorexia don’t ever seek help because it’s seen as a “women’s disease.”
body image
I told him no. I would not hide from my own body. I would not wear outfits to make my body more “tolerable.”
body issues
music videos
the frisky
My mom influenced me greatly with the way she dealt with body issues.
body image
I'm sick of defending my appetite, or lack thereof, to people who are concerned, curious, disgusted or jealous.
I unsubscribed to The Knot's wedding planner app when it alerted me that I had not "started a fitness routine to get in shape for the wedding."
beauty trends
fat acceptance
Being asked to send a photo of myself with a shirt on made me feel like I again should be ashamed of my body.
truth in advertising
Legislative action isn't that powerful elsewhere -- why would this be any different?
After I gave birth, the breasts remained, and as the rest of my body shrank, they became a more and more pronounced part of my physique. I felt, frankly, pornographic.
There were many times when I thought it was too hard being the only African American in American Ballet Theatre’s company for a decade.
small boobs
I wish I could cut the fat off from inside my thighs and stuff it in my boobs.
Sadly, most women struggle with insecurities about their bodies -- we want the lights off during sex, to cover certain body parts we're ashamed of, or we don't even want to get intimate at all.
My self-esteem saving grace was that I’d come home from school and be surrounded by women with curves.
I became a model at age 34 and a size 8. Sure, it helped boost my confidence, but that doesn't mean I appreciate your unsolicited feedback about my body if I'm not at work.

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getting pregnant with michelle tea
I stopped looking like I was pregnant and then it was time to try to get pregnant again.
body image
Why would you ever, you ask. Because, I say.

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mirror fast
One of the things I learned? It's really hard to avoid catching your reflection in random surfaces in various places (whoops).
I can’t help but wonder if it were men who were plagued with cellulite, would we have some more effective treatments by now?

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