None of us is bulletproof. We all have our private moments of body shame. What made this effort meaningful is the fact that we pushed through all those anxieties to do it.
Creating a one-minute declaration of self-love forced me to be vulnerable. I cried after I read my poem aloud for the first time. I cried even more after I edited all the footage.

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Sometimes a shallow and facile understanding of a complex movement is just fine. And sometimes you need to spend some more time on Wikipedia reading up.
This wasn't written about me (so far as I know). But as someone who's received a lot of this type of workout "encouragement" over the years, I have a response anyway.
Fat women of color, women with guts, women with flat butts or flat chests, women with double chins -- these women are rarely represented by anyone, still.

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When I was younger, I thought my nose stuck out from my face like a flashing sign reading, “I'm not quite pretty enough.” But later i learned to embrace it.
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I talked with the singer-songwriter about beauty, body image, sabering open a bottle of champagne with a sword, and OH YEAH, those two Grammys she's up for on Sunday.
It’s not that I no longer care about stretch marks and saggy boobs, it’s that those things don't have an effect on how I feel about myself.
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I'm not a tomboy and martial arts don't belong to the boys of the world. I am myself and I am a woman and these are the things I like to do, which makes them, in the context of my own life, mine and utterly mine.

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I have never been set on fire, but I imagine that pain to be slightly less than what I felt immediately.

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I accept my body and I want my kids to accept theirs too.
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Last week a thing happened on Twitter and Instagram in which some dicks made a hashtag called "#fatshamingweek" and a bunch of other dicks were all FAT PEOPLE SUCK LOL and I didn't write about it.
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Here are ten powerful body affirmations to help young women to stay strong and love their bodies in spite of all the insidious messages to the contrary.
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Or mine, or yours. But that doesn't mean people will stop offering unsolicited advice on how we should strive to 'improve' ourselves. Ugh.
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A noted Beverly Hills surgeon admits he gave his now-wife a 'Wonder Woman' makeover before asking her to marry him -- on their first date. (Also, uggghhh to body-shaming partners.)
The concentrated messaging the instant you walked through the door was that fat women could also be stylish and sexy, dammit, and if you didn't believe in the possibility of that, you were in the wrong store.
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The body you have now, with all the rolls and dimples and chubby cheeks or whatever, is just as much your body as any body you had in the past or hope to have in the future.
I think the "don't layer" rule is because it's supposed to make me look fatter? Like I give a shit about that. Especially in the summertime!
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As a psychologist, having a patient say something out loud makes it have an exponential importance than just thinking about it. How about if I am hearing myself insult myself, over and over, day after day?
I stopped hating my body when I realized that number doesn’t mean dick.

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