She asked me how much weight I wanted to lose before the ceremony, because I'd need to start getting fitted for a dress soon.
I decided to trust Eric, believing his relationship with Angie was clearly innocent. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well -- they got engaged last month.
Here are a few of the familiar types of lady-friendships that may require an eventual breakup (or at least someone getting a drink thrown in her face).
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Ending a tight friendship as an adult is similar to ending a romantic relationship in that it’s a major life change.
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Leslie Knope is my platonic soulmate.
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Over the next few years, Dawson, Pacey, and I did everything together; in fact, there wasn’t a vacation Dawson and I took where Pacey wasn’t along for the ride -- which, in hindsight, was an obvious red flag.
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I meet a nice girl or boy. We hit it off, and I get friend-butterflies (frienderflies!) and begin to think, "Could this be it? Could this be my new best friend??" But then, casually, s/he will drop the best friend bomb.
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I'm not sure why I was shocked, let alone hurt, when a girl I had known for 28 years tried to sabotage my wedding. It was right in line with all the other messed up things she had done to me over the years.
I’m trying to accept my fate: While I love participating in and attending my best friends’ weddings, I just can’t afford it.
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Part of me doesn't want to betray her trust , but another part is scared not to in a dangerous situation.
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Free life lesson: Don't get stoned at boarding school and tell everyone.
My ex was the center of my world for three years, but some of my girls have been there for me since I was two years old.
I don’t know what the age limit is on living with your best friend until it gets weird.
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I'm tired of thinking of him, I still want to be friends, but I don't even know if it's worth it anymore.
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By facing this sticky emotional stuff head on, and having an ongoing conversation about it, I’ve gone from feeling tense around these women to being able to count them among my friends.
I don't know if I'm ready to see the man I've loved, looked up to and idolized unable to put his hand on my thigh or pick up a guitar.
In many ways, our best friends are our first loves, so here are some of my favorite platonic love stories.
Rehab counselors warned us not to stay friends with each other after treatment since most us wouldn’t stay sober, but I felt like Gerry and I would somehow make our post-rehab friendship work, despite the fact that he would always be a hardcore criminal.
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There was something so insidious, so darkly threatening about those words: “the biggest."
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