korean products
When snails are agitated, they release a thick goop laced with nutrients that are thought to stimulate cell regeneration and moisturize the skin.
open thread
My desk is a bit of a mess of products right now.
beauty products
I've never been so intrigued and disgusted all at once.
drugstore beauty
Tell me all your drugstore buys, so I can scrounge through my change jar and head to the Rite Aide.
beauty products
I think I like all these old fashioned perfumes and colognes because they are steadfastly unchanging.
short hair
I’m cutting my hair shorter and shorter with each “trim” appointment, but I’m not taking the pixie plunge.
make-up remover
Are you a ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ goody-goody or a slapdash, sleep in your make-up type?
beauty products
BB cream is one of those products - along with styling wax, face serums and powder - that I simply don’t ‘get’. And that’s ok, isn’t it?
I’m not saying that I never use lipsticks without chemical additives, just like I’m not saying that I’ll never again have a crush on a man who’s completely wrong for me or go for broke with crazy flavored coffees again.
Nothing makes me more irritable than a skincare product that uses the words “nourish” and “protect” when the results seem to be “search and destroy.”
beauty products
After much research, I would like to present the Holy Grail of Waterproof Beauty, formulas of beauty that will stay on in a pool, while dancing like a fool and generally through living life on our increasingly hotter planet.
hair dye
Color depositing conditioners are an absolute necessity if you dye your hair, in my never-that-humble opinion.
beauty products
If guys HATE it when you borrow their razor so much, why is their shaving stuff SO GOOD?
There are only two scents on Earth that I’m actively addicted to: laundry detergent and rose.
A kidney infection means I'm spending this weekend chugging cranberry juice and slathering on lip tar like only a saucy Norman Bates could. I AM SO SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR HOW LOOPY I AM.
beauty products
What's a girl to do when her skin revolts against the contents of her beauty bag?
I was going to write a list of 29 beauty lessons I've learned in 29 years, but it was too difficult. I was all, "Um... Wash your makeup brushes regularly? That won't do." So here are 29 products I love.
beauty products
I decided to cover up and camouflage my bruises as best I could because, though they looked badass, I work in an office in the day time and I don’t need to look like was involved in a street fight over my lunch hour.
beauty products
While they may be associated with “frivolity,” beauty supplies are far from a harmless and unimportant “girl thing” that everyone can safely ignore.

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beauty products
Cat, Hannah, Phoebe and I all weigh in. Read on!
bath & body works
Jane, can I please keep this pun? Plus, some rappers feel really strongly about beauty products.